About the wall

We have an indoor rock climbing wall inside the SDC Multi-purpose room, which we maintain and have available for our members to use. The wall may also be reserved by groups. Please see our groups page for more information about reserving the wall.

The wall is approximately 30 feet high. It has 4 sections: a flat wall, a bulge, a roof, and a crack. Each section has a number of routes ranging from beginner to advanced. Additionally, our bouldering wall stands roughly 10 feet high at a 30 degree incline and features a variety of bouldering routes to work on and have fun with.

The climbing routes get reset twice a year. The wall and bouldering section are completely cleared and new routes are set for the Ridge Roamers Competitions in the fall and spring. Each climbing competition features 3 beginner, 3 intermediate, and 3 advanced routes. More routes are added throughout the semester by the members of the club.

A liability waiver is required to be signed prior to being able to climb at the wall. The waiver can be filled out here.

Open Climb

Whether you're a first time climber or a seasoned mountaineer, come on up and join us. First time is free!* The club provides the required climbing gear such as harnesses, climbing shoes, and chalk.

The club hosts open climbs Monday - Thursday from 8-10pm.
*Standard cost is $5 per night, first attendance is free.
(Open-Climb is free for members)

Inclusive Climbing Night

While Ridge Roamers is always a welcoming community, we recognize that certain groups (such as women, LGBT folks, or other groups) may not always feel comfortable trying something new, like climbing. Rather than replacing an open climb, Inclusive Climbing Night simply designates one night every other week to make sure the environment is extra welcoming and inclusive for these minority groups.

Inclusive climbing nights will be every other Wednesday starting September 12, 2018.

Clinic Night

At clinic night, our Certification Officers and other experienced climbers will be on hand to teach you a variety of climbing skills. Clinics include belaying, sport climbing, rope management, climbing technique, and ice climbing, or any other skill you might want to learn!

Clinic nights will typically be held Mondays from 9-10 pm after open climb starting Fall, 2018. A complete clinic schedule will be posted shortly on our events. page.

Ridge Roamer Members

Member Benefits

Ridge Roamers owns an assortment of outdoor gear that members may use free of charge at the discretion of the Certification Officers. The gear is available for checkout with any of the Executive Certification Officers. Generally, gear is checked out during club nights at the wall. However, the Executive Certification Officers are not always available to perform gear checkout at every club night. Please contact the Executive Certification Officers directly to make gear checkout arrangements.

Becoming a Member

Come to one of our club climbing nights and seek out one of the certification officers at the wall (they should be wearing a green tag that says Certification Officer). You will need to sign a liability waiver, pay the dues, and you may give them your email address so they can add you to the club email list. In return, you will receive a membership card (you will need to keep this on your harness when you are climbing at the wall). Membership dues are $20 per semester or $30 for the whole year.

Membership Dues

Single Semester: $20
Full Year: $30

Dues are paid at the wall to a present Certification Officer

Ridge Roamers Gear

  • Climbing Shoes, Harnesses, Community Chalk
  • Ropes, Trad & Sport gear
  • Snowshoes
  • Tents & Cold-Weather Sleeping Bags
  • Ice Picks, Crampons, Ice Boots, Helmets
  • Avalanche Protection Gear
  • And more!

Climbing & Belaying Certification

This is our way of knowing that you are competent and can safely climb with a certified partner. Climbing is a dangerous activity. Even as a club member, you climb at your own risk (see liability waiver sheet), and YOU are responsible for acquiring and applying the knowledge necessary to avoid injury and death. To become a member (and begin the certification process) you must sign a MEMBER liability waiver form and pay the dues for the semester. Once you are certified by two Certification Officers, you are permitted to climb at the SDC wall without a CO present. The process of certification involves several trips to the wall during open climb to learn the basics of knot tying, belaying, and general climbing safety.

Although YOU may be certified, you are not allowed to take uncertified people up to the SDC to climb without a CO! You must have your membership card with you at all times while climbing at the wall! You will not get your card signed until you are certified. This does not mean you aren't a member, it just means you cannot climb without a CO at the wall due to safety, until you get your card signed. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, especially when lives are on the line. We, the Ridge Roamers, are here to teach you all that we can about safe climbing. The knowledge of our members is a huge resource of which you should take full advantage.