About the Ridge Roamers

Ridge Roamers is a friendly club that focuses on rock and ice climbing. The club owns and maintains the wall, which is open to anyone during our open climb hours. We focus on creating a community that can help each other become better climbers and enjoy the sport regardless if you're a beginner or advanced climber. The club hosts events such as open climbs, clinic nights, women's nights, group events, and climbing competitions.

Meet Our Executive Board

Kyle Hrubecky

Kyle Hrubecky Club President

Jeremy Guinn

Jeremy Guinn Club Vice-President/Treasurer

Ben Cockfield

Ben Cockfield Club Outdoor Event Coordinator

Jackson Pundt

Jackson Pundt Club Indoor Wall Coordinator

Meet Our Certification Officers

Kyle Hrubecky
Jeremy Guinn
Ben Cockfield
Jackson Pundt
Abi Raetz
Ben Miller
Stefan RhodeHumphries
Michelle Nitz
Kaelan Anderson
Brian Weisner
Danny Harrison
Dave Sarazin
Jeff Beck
Jeff Lamuth
Tristan Hunt
Emily Tom
Cooper Minehart